When it comes to your Sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, or any of the upholstered fabric furniture, these things are a very important part of your home. So keeping them unclean for several years is really unhygienic. At the same time, unclean discolored upholsteries also spoil the beauty of the room. However, when you think of cleaning them, doing it in an untechnical way can even harm the fabric of the Upholstery.

As we speak of fabric Upholstery Cleaning, it is the fabric that mainly matters. Silk, cotton, velvet, wool, linen, or any other synthetic product-your upholstery might be of any one of them. So when it comes to cleaning, a particular cleaning product or cleaning process will not be suitable for any kind of fabric upholstery.

We pride in having team of well trained and qualified cleaners who can deliver you the best quality Upholstery Cleaning Services . We first vacuum clean the upholsteries to loosen the dirt in them. Now, if the fabric of the upholstery is water-resistant, we prefer using the hot water steam extraction process. It is a cleaning process, which deeply cleans the upholsteries to restore your furniture back to its original soft, fresh feel as well as remove any harmful dust mites or bacteria hiding between the fibres.


We have been providing upholstery cleaning services in Mount Waverly and all throughtout Melbourne.Keeping in mind what nature fabric and the construction your upholsteries have,we implement the best customized techniques in our cleaning process to deliver you the best results


As we have got a specialized team of cleaners,you can hire us for Regular Upholstery Cleaning services on a schedule contract basis, every six to twelve months to maintain a clean and healthy work or home environment.It is mostly advisable if any of your family member is facing any respiratory related health issues.

We have got the neccessary tools and knowledge to remove any kind of stains on your upholstery and restore it.However if it is a deep stain,it is advisable to contact us the earliest to get the best result.

What we charge is very affordable and transparent. So just give us a call on 0426589099 for a free quote.