Area Rugs, are valued extensively in the market. At times,its' found to cost more than carpets.Still, people love using it as it also adds a wonderful finishing touch to their home or office. But with time as more footprints step in on them and with normal wear and tear, the color and brightness of the rugs start fading.Using one of t professional and effective Rug Cleaning process can help your dirty rugs get a new lease of life.A

However, when it comes to Rug Cleaning, it is a bit more different than Carpet Cleaning. More precisely, it is far more delicate and requires a more skilled cleaning process.

Area Rugs, unlike carpet, have more decorative patterns on them. So any kind of cleaning service by an untrained hand can make the color of the patterns bleed and spoil the look of the rug.

Moreover, as area rugs are much thicker and denser than carpets, normal vacuum cleaning never provides any help in cleaning rugs.

So if you are looking to get your area rugs cleaned, better go for professional help to provide you an efficient and worry-free service.


At Acquire Cleaning Services, our technicians are thoroughly trained and qualified to work on any kind of Area Rugs, be it of wool, silk, synthetic, pile, or shag. We know how to get your rugs extensively cleaned and how to restore them to their original elegance.So if you are a resident in Melbourne and what to get your area rug cleaned,don't hesitate in giving us a call on 0426 589 099.