Do you know about one in a ten-person in Melbourne are truly allergic to house dirt, and almost 45 % of people with asthma are mostly prone to dirt mite allergies. Now, what is allergy and how do they affect us? Allergies are said to be our body's immune response to some unwanted foreign substances such as pollen, bee venom, pet dander, and also dirt mites. More precisely, when our body's immune system gets in contact with these foreign substances like dirt mites, they create these antibodies called Allergies.

Dirt mites can cause allergies which can be mild to severe. Occasional runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing are common examples of mild dirt mite allergies. Whereas, if not taken the proper precaution, it can lead to persistent sneezing, coughing, congestion, facial pressure, or severe asthma attack.

Now as we can understand how fatal these dirt mites can be, we should find out ways to eradicate them. Though there are many DIY ways, Professional Carpet Cleaning can be considered to be the best option as a professional can be well-trained and qualified with the right ways to get your carpets free from dirt mites.

Best Ways of Removing Dirt Mites:
Vacuum clean your carpets regularly: Dirt mites are small,ultra-microscopic organisms that can find their food on dead skin cells shredded by humans and the pet animals in their homes. Vacuum cleaning your carpets regularly can keep those dead skin flakes, dander, and dirt away, not letting the dirt mites survive so well.

Maintain a certain temperature of your room:If your room has got soft furnishings like carpets, mattresses, or upholsteries, where these dirt mites can settle down, or if you are already suspecting dirt mites on your furnishings, you should not keep your room temperature favorable for their breeding. Dirt mites normally love to survive at a temperature of 24'c to 27'c. If you put your room temperature anything outside this, it will not kill these scavengers but will definitely disrupt their normal growth.

Check your room humidity :: To keep your place safe from dirt mites, it's very important to check the humidity of the room. Dirt mites better live in a place,thats' very humid, something more than 70%. If you find your place that humid, try applying different ways for controlling that humidity like using your ventilation or exhaust fans actively, turning on your air conditioner, and drying your laundry outside. Keeping rooms airy and sunny with open windows can also help you at times. But if it is still not working, make use of an Air Purifier or a Dehumidifier to lower the humidity level of your room.

Get your Carpets Steam Cleaned : Dirt mites normally die at a temperature more than 60'C, whereas most steam cleaning jobs are done at a temperature of 93'c to 121'c, which is ideally suitable to kill dirt mites. Steam cleaning can reach all the difficult corners of your upholstery and carpet and bring an end to these dirt mites. But to consider, the dead remains of the dirt mites are as harmful as the live ones, as they can causes allergies. So, do get an end-to-end Vaccum Cleaning done after the Steam cleaning. Get rid of the Dirt Mites thoroughly.

Use Diatomaceous Earth on your carpets : If you are looking for a very natural way of killing dirt mites. this can be one of the best options. You just need to sprinkle this powder on your carpets, mattresses, upholsteries, and rugs anywhere you suspect to have dirt mites and this powder can do wonders in killing these allergens. Diatomaceous Earth can simply pierce through the exoskeleton of the dirt mites and can kill them instantly as they crawl through it.

Spray Tea Tree Oil :Tea Tree Oil is also a very natural way of cleaning dirt mites which you can simply spray on the carpets and the other furnishings and can simply get rid of dirt mites. Tea Tree Oil repels and kills dirt mites, and as it is an antibacterial and antiviral oil, it does not cause any harm when it comes in contact with your skin. Therefore you can use it every day to keep your home free from dirt mites.

Wash your clothing at a higher temperature : For clothing and fabrics that are washable, this process can be applied and can give you effective results. We know dirt mites can not withstand a very high temperature. So if you are doing your washing at a temperature of 54'c to 60'c, it can kill the dirt mites and wash their fecal matter and skin particles from your fabrics.

Use a Dryer with similar heat settings: Don't keep any of your clothing or fabric humid. Use a dryer at a similarly high temperature and circulate it over your clothing, fabric upholsteries, and carpets. The heat from the dryer also helps in killing the dirt mites and also absorbs that extra humidity, making it unfavorable for the dirt mites.

Dirt mites are not that harmful in small numbers, but they can easily multiply in a very short span of time and that can cause even life-threatening allergy issues. Measures should be taken to eradicate these dirt mites from your carpets as quickly as possible. As the dead dirt mites are also as harmful as the live ones, a thorough Steam Cleaning and Vaccum cleaning should be followed to get better results.

So, hire a professional carpet cleaning service in Melbourne, and get your home free from dirt mite allergies.

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