Have got a pet at home and have seen him urinating on your beloved carpet. Don't wait for anything, just take the action immediately before the stains go deeper inside the carpet to leave stains and odors behind.

Got a New Stain on your Carpet
For carpets that have just got stained from pet urine and are still wet, try to soak up the urine as much as possible. It is the best way to get the urine stain and odor off your carpet. You can use a thick layer of paper towel to place it on the wet area and also a thick layer of newspaper to cover it. Just keep on repeating the process until the wet area turns quite damp.

Have noticed Old Stain on your Carpet
For urine odors that are already set, it will be a challenging task to remove them. You have to do a series of tasks for removing it. Firstly you need to get that area cleaned with a carpet cleaner, and then you need to apply a good quality pet odor neutralizer, which can help the carpet get rid of the urine odor. Check it till it dries, and if you still see the old stain coming up apply a stain remover on the spotted area.

Get Homemade Natural Products to clean the Stains

As you use the thick layer of paper towel to remove the stains, just gently blot it on the urinated area but don't widely scrub it as it will spread the stain to a wider area.

Home products like vinegar, baking soda, detergents, and even water can do a wonderful job in getting the pet urines cleaned from your carpets. If you use vinegar and cold water in equal proportions, that can at times help to clean the urinated area. But if the spot is that stubborn, you can sprinkle baking soda on it, which can lift the stain from the carpet.

At times, detergents and warm water also do a good job of cleaning the carpets. You might not get the right result the first time, and need to get the process repeated. You can better hire a professional carpet cleaning service in Melbourne to get the job done.

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