Dry carpet cleaning is a cleaning process,extensively used for carpets made of delicate and non water-resistant fabrics like taffeta, silk, wool, velvet, acetate, etc.Any kind of cleaning method where we will be using water,like hot water extraction process will not be good for these kind of fabrics.

Dry carpet cleaning mainly uses the technique where the machine spreads the moisture powder on the carpet,which never wets the carpets but just cleans it. As this process requires no drying time, you don't need to wait for hours untill your carpet gets dried for you to step in on it.This process is very technical and requires skilled hands to use the machineries and the chemicals ,the right way so that it never harms your carpet fabric.

At Acquire Cleaning Services,we use pre-treatment, powerful but safe cleaning compounds and high-powered vacuums to draw soil and debris out of your carpet , giving it a clean,new look with a good smell.Our walk-on dry carpet cleaning services ensures that you can enjoy your fresh ‘new’ carpet immediately after the cleaning process.


We have the expertise to use the latest technologies to get your carpets dry cleaned at the most affordable rate. This dry cleaning process does wonders on any fabric carpet, Upholstery or rug,without harming its texture and giving it a fresh new look. So if you are looking for dry carpet cleaning services in Melbourne, just give us a call on 0426589099.


Carpets in busy places get dirty very quickly in a day or so. Using a water-aided cleaning technique regularly can spoil the texture and fabric of the carpet. In such a scenario, it is better to opt for Dry Carpet Cleaning. This cleaning technique can get your carpets dirt-free and at the same time preserve their color and material for quite along.