Acquire Carpet Cleaning Services


We generally aim to get our office or home looking great with spotlessly clean carpets. But getting that done is never an easy task for any resident. Theres' where you need professional help.

Acquire Carpet Cleaning services offers the most affordable and result-oriented professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne. So it does not matter whether your carpet is new or old, or even if it is subjected to more footprints a day, our cleaners are fully specialized and qualified to get the work done flawlessly.

Carpet Cleaning is a challenging task, but we love doing it. Our professional carpet cleaning services specialises in using the latest cleaning technologies and the most updated skills in the industry. We, therefore, ensure that your carpet gets cleaned while its longevity never gets affected. We use the most advanced professional cleaning techniques on your carpets to eliminate harmful dust mites and other allergens. If your carpets have got stubborn stains and spills, we can get that removed and can restore your carpets to their original pristine condition.

Why we are special ?

We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

Our cleaners are well trained to use the latest machinery and the upgraded chemicals to deliver you the best results.

Our price is very affordable, and we never charge more at the time of payment.

We provide the service at a time that fits your schedule.

We give you friendly and on time service.

We ensure the highest degree of professionalism and customer satisfaction.


Professional Carpet Cleaning involves a lot of hard work and a good knowledge of different cleaning techniques. Getting a service from any unskilled carpet cleaner or any random carpet cleaning company can cause you a fortune where it can just spoil your expensive carpets or area rugs.

At Acquire Carpet Cleaning Services, we understand that when its' your carpet, area rug, or any upholstery, it can not be always of the same fabric, texture, thickness, and color. So keeping that in mind, their cleaning process can not be the same. Making use of the right cleaning process by an experienced and skilled professional can only get the task done right. And our cleaners have got the knowledge to do that. We ensure you a cleaning process that can get your carpets intensively cleaned where it can also maintain their longevity and new look. They are also pro in using the latest equipment and machinery to provide you the best possible outcome and can get your carpets totally fresh and clean.

We have got proven track record in providing effective Steam Cleaning and Stain Removal services, and it's all about our quality service that we have earned a good name in the market. Our service is very prompt and our charges are very competitive. So, if you are a business or a resident in Melbourne or any of these suburbs, contact us now and discuss your cleaning requirements.

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